AIG product training

Appointment required prior to login?  NO

Carrier Training Website:

Length of Course:  60 minutes

***American General requires all States to complete PST before submitting New business.***

  • Login (register if not already signed up)
  • Click “Manage Appointments” then “AIG Annuities” then “add”. For the indexed annuity training on the Power Protector Series it’s “AIG Annuities – Index Annuity Product-Specific Training (I5281CB.4)”.  If AIG Annuities are not listed go back to Dashboard and select Add Product Specific.  Start Course. 

Please Note:  Once you finish the training course, you must answer a one-question attestation in order for the course to be marked complete and to become certified to see the annuity product included in this training module.

  • Simply click on “Start Exam” and then click on “OK” in the pop-up window to certify the terms of the exam.
  • You will then need to answer the one-question attestation before clicking on “Submit Answer” to complete the exam.
  • The status column on your student dashboard page will list the course as “Complete” in green if you have successfully completed the course.  Then they just click through the slides, take the “test” at the end, save the certificate.