Allianz product training

Requires all producers to complete product training and Allianz specific AML through LIMRA.

RegEd Website:


  • Register for access
  • On the gray bar on the left-hand side choose Enter Product Code.  Enter the code for the course you want to take (see below) and click Submit.
  • Under Carrier Specific Product Training find the desired course under the Allianz Life Annuity Product Training Section and click Go to Requirement.
  • Click Proceed
  • Click Go To Course
  • Listen to the course and press Next at the bottom of each slide.  At the end of the presentation make sure you click the Attest button.
  • Answer YES
  • Click Continue
  • Print Course Completion Record for your files.  Results will be sent electronically to Allianz.


Product Training Product Code
Fixed – Allianz Accumulation Advantage ACCUMULATION
Fixed – Allianz Core Income 7 Training COREINCOME7V2
Fixed – Allianz 222 Product Training ALLIANZ222V2
Fixed – Allianz 360 Product Training ALLIANZ360V2
Fixed – Allianz Benefit Control Annuity ABCANNUITY
Note: These codes are only for use on the RegEd site.