North American product training

Carrier website for appointed agents:

                           Agents not appointed –  (will need code below)

15SFGNAC_01 – NAC Benefit Solutions Series REV 8-17

15SFGNAC_05 – NAC Guarantee Choice II MYGA REV 6-17

15SFGNAC_09 – NAC Retire Choice & Income Pay Plus REV 4-17

15SFGNAC_11 – NAC Charter Plus REV 4-17

15SFGNAC_13 – NAC Income Choice REV 10-17

15SFGNAC_16 – NAC Performance Choice Series & Income Pay Plus REV 4-17

15SFGNAC_17 – NAC Foundation Choice Plus REV 4-17

15SFGNAC_18 – NAC Income SPIA PRT 4-17

15SFGNAC_21 –  NAC VersaChoice REV 2-18

North American requires IUL Training completed before they will issue an IUL policy.  To complete the training please follow the directions below.

  • To take the training you will need to go the North American website (above) and create a user.  Once completed, up at the top, in the middle is the Training Center, click on that.  Then go to the IUL Certificate Exam and answer the questions.  Once you are done if you missed any they will ask you those questions again until you get them all right.  Please print a completion certificate for your records.