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June is National Annuity Awareness Month

NOW IS A GREAT TIME to introduce and discuss the overall benefits of annuities to your clients.

Guaranteed income conversations take on added importance when discussing confidence among retirees regarding their savings. Given the tumultuous nature of the market in the last year, many more of your clients may look for risk control options.

Annuities have a rich history dating back to Ancient Rome. Millions of Americans currently use annuities to help their retirement savings grow and to create protected income that can help cover essential expenses and contribute to a more enjoyable retirement.

In its simplest terms, an annuity is a contract between an individual (or married couple) and a life insurance company. You can purchase an annuity with a portion of your retirement savings in either a single payment or with multiple payments, depending on the type of annuity. Once you own an annuity, any growth in your account may be on a tax-deferred basis while you continue to have control of your money, as needed.

Annuities can be an important part of a diversified retirement portfolio because they can ensure that your retirement income is protected even when there are downturns in the market. So no matter how your other retirement investments perform, annuities can provide you with a source of protected lifetime income that few other financial products can offer.

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