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NAIC Suitability Requirements

The NAIC has adopted a significantly revised “Suitability in Annuity Transactions Model.”  Once a state adopts this new Model, producers in that state will be required to fulfill two different training requirements prior to solicitation of an annuity.  Please note:  some carriers now require their product specific training to be taken in ALL states regardless of whether or not that states has adopted the new model.

A one-time state level four (4) hour continuing education course on annuities approved by the state department of insurance for the state he/she is licensed or doing business in is required.   

NOTE:  California initially requires eight (8) hours, then four (4) hours every two years thereafter.  Iowa requires a four (4) hour course specific to indexed annuity products. Texas requires eight (8) hours every two years.

Product specific training provided by the insurance carrier prior to soliciting the sale of a particular annuity product.  A producer must complete the training BEFORE  the date of the application for a product.  If the training is completed on or after the application date, the carrier will require a new application.

To view an insurance carrier’s product specific training, click on the “+” symbol.

Requires all producers to complete product training and Allianz specific AML through LIMRA.

RegEd Website: https://secure.reged.com/TrainingPlatform/


  • Register for access
  • On the gray bar on the left-hand side choose Enter Product Code.  Enter the code for the course you want to take (see below) and click Submit.
  • Under Carrier Specific Product Training find the desired course under the Allianz Life Annuity Product Training Section and click Go to Requirement.
  • Click Proceed
  • Click Go To Course
  • Listen to the course and press Next at the bottom of each slide.  At the end of the presentation make sure you click the Attest button.
  • Answer YES
  • Click Continue
  • Print Course Completion Record for your files.  Results will be sent electronically to Allianz.


Product Training Product Code
Fixed – Allianz Accumulation Advantage ACCUMULATION
Fixed – Allianz Core Income 7 Training COREINCOME7V2
Fixed – Allianz 222 Product Training ALLIANZ222V2
Fixed – Allianz 360 Product Training ALLIANZ360V2
Fixed – Allianz Benefit Control Annuity ABCANNUITY
Note: These codes are only for use on the RegEd site.


Product Training Link:  https://agent.american-equity.com/stateproducttraining.asp

Active agent with American Equity:  training should be completed using the American Equity website:  https://agent.american-equity.com/login.asp

Not active agents: 

  • Enter State License Number, Last 4 SSN and Last Name.
  • You must watch video for each product before you can complete the training questions.
  • You must complete the questions and click SUBMIT to receive credit for the training


Appointment required prior to login?  NO

Carrier Training Website:  https://learn.questce.com/naicsuitability/

Length of Course:  60 minutes

***American General requires all States to complete PST before submitting New business.***

  • Login (register if not already signed up)
  • Click “Manage Appointments” then “AIG Annuities” then “add”. For the indexed annuity training on the Power Protector Series it’s “AIG Annuities – Index Annuity Product-Specific Training (I5281CB.4)”.  If AIG Annuities are not listed go back to Dashboard and select Add Product Specific.  Start Course. 

Please Note:  Once you finish the training course, you must answer a one-question attestation in order for the course to be marked complete and to become certified to see the annuity product included in this training module.

  • Simply click on “Start Exam” and then click on “OK” in the pop-up window to certify the terms of the exam.
  • You will then need to answer the one-question attestation before clicking on “Submit Answer” to complete the exam.
  • The status column on your student dashboard page will list the course as “Complete” in green if you have successfully completed the course.  Then they just click through the slides, take the “test” at the end, save the certificate.



Appointment required prior to login?  NO

Carrier Training Website: 

Appointed agents – https://access.anico.com/Portal/IMOPortal_WAR/LearningLinkServlet

 Agents not appointed – https://imglearning.anico.com/

Length of Course:  25 minutes

Product Training Link: https://secure.reged.com/trainingplatform/index.html 


Product Training Product Code
IMO Channel – Agility Agility10_2018
IMO Channel – Ascent Pro Bonus PROBO_2017
IMO Channel – Performance Elite PerformanceElite_2015
IMO Channel – Max Rate MaxRate_2017
IMO Channel – Benefit 10 B10_2014
IMO Channel – SPIA SPIA_2016
BD Channel – Agility Agility710_2018
BD Channel – Accumulator 5 & 7 ACCUM57_2017
BD Channel – Accumulator 5, 7 & 10 ACCUM5710_2017
BD Channel – Ascent Pro 7 PRO7_2017
BD Channel – Ascent Pro 7 & 10 PRO710_2017
BD Channel – Protector Protector57_2018
BD Channel – MYG MYG_2016
BD Channel – MYG NY 17Athene_02NY
These codes are only for use on the RegEd site.


Appointment required prior to login?  NO

Carrier Training Website:   https://naic.pinpointglobal.com/LincolnFinancial/Apps/default.aspx

Lincoln Financial Group has four training modules depending on the TYPE of annuity products you wish to sell:  Fixed Annuity, Fixed Index Annuity, Single Premium Immediate Annuity and Variable annuity.  There is also a General FIA training that is required as well as the Product Specific Training.


Carrier Training Website:  https://secure.reged.com/TrainingPlatform/


  • If you have never registered in RegEd, select Sign Up in the top right corner of the site and complete the registration form.  The registration page must be filled out in order to identify the training requirements that are applicable to your.  Be sure to list all jurisdictions that you do business in.
  • Once you complete the registration page, click on the I accept the terms of service box at the bottom of the screen to continue.
  • Now that registration is complete, the left side bar has the training choices.  Click on Producer Status which will show the State annuity general training courses and carrier specific annuity product training at the bottom of the screen.
  • Most producers of New York Life annuities will have immediate access to the product training courses upon registering.  If New York Life is not listed in the Carrier Specific Product Training section, click on the Enter Product Code selection on the left navigation bar, and enter the corresponding product code:


Lifetime Income                      NYLLIA    
Fixed Period Income              NYLFP    
Secure Term Fixed Annuity II  NYLSCII 
SelectGuarantee Fixed Annuity NYLSGII        
Guaranteed Future Income        NYLGF         
PreferredChoice Annuity II           NYLTC

  • To view and track your training completion to date, click on the My Courses selection where you will find your course training history.

Carrier website for appointed agents: www.northamericancompany.com

                           Agents not appointed – https://secure.reged.com/TrainingPlatform/  (will need code below)

15SFGNAC_01 – NAC Benefit Solutions Series REV 8-17

15SFGNAC_05 – NAC Guarantee Choice II MYGA REV 6-17

15SFGNAC_09 – NAC Retire Choice & Income Pay Plus REV 4-17

15SFGNAC_11 – NAC Charter Plus REV 4-17

15SFGNAC_13 – NAC Income Choice REV 10-17

15SFGNAC_16 – NAC Performance Choice Series & Income Pay Plus REV 4-17

15SFGNAC_17 – NAC Foundation Choice Plus REV 4-17

15SFGNAC_18 – NAC Income SPIA PRT 4-17

15SFGNAC_21 –  NAC VersaChoice REV 2-18

North American requires IUL Training completed before they will issue an IUL policy.  To complete the training please follow the directions below.

  • To take the training you will need to go the North American website (above) and create a user.  Once completed, up at the top, in the middle is the Training Center, click on that.  Then go to the IUL Certificate Exam and answer the questions.  Once you are done if you missed any they will ask you those questions again until you get them all right.  Please print a completion certificate for your records.

Appointment required prior to login?  NO

Carrier Training Website:  www.oneamerica.com/slproducttraining


  • First time visitors, please click on the register button on the left-hand column. 
  • Please note:  If the product training was completed after an application was signed, a new application will be required.  New business will not issue until this requirement is satisfied.

Product training is done online when completing the contracting paperwork.

The LIMRA link is found on the last page: http://naic.pinpointglobal.com/Principal/Apps/default.aspx.

Principal systems are updated at 11:00 am & 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday.  At which time, they usually can see that the training is complete.  The LIMRA help desk # is 1-888-577-5522, and will help with any questions on the training or login issues.


To access RSL’s training course, please go to: https://secure.reged.com/TrainingPlatform/


Appointment required prior to login?  – NO

https://advisor.securian.com/avs/ib.  This site includes all annuity products, services, and forms for advisors, including product training for the NAIC Model Regulation.