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Promoting the AIG Assured Edge Income Achiever

Running time: 8 minutes
Description: A simple solution for income planning, Assured Edge Income Achiever is a fixed annuity with a guaranteed lifetime income component. Learn why it’s so popular and how you can promote it in your practice.

The IRA Conundrum

Running time: 31:46
Description: A discussion on maximizing qualified, IRA-type accounts using wealth transfer strategies designed to enhance your clients’ legacy.

John Hancock Vitality: Reshaping Life Insurance

Running time: 26:36
Description: Vitality is redefining life insurance. Doesn’t it make sense that a life insurance company should be helping your customers live longer, healthier lives? Vitality GO and Vitality PLUS are good for the carrier, and good for your customers!

Baby Boomers: What they look for in Financial Advisors and how best to connect with them

Running time: 27:00
Description: Baby Boomers embrace face-to-face meetings with advisors and have a lot of worries on their minds as they move into retirement. Learn how you can differentiate yourself as a trusted, quality advisor with this demographic.

Generation X: What they look for in Financial Advisors and how best to connect with them

Running time: 31:00
Description: Members of Generation X are nearing or currently in their peak earning years, and are poised to make some important planning decisions. Find out what matters to this demographic born roughly between 1965 and 1980.

Millennials: What they look for in Financial Advisors and how best to connect with them

Running time: 34:00
Description: Millennials are fast becoming a larger proportion of your target customer base. Learn how advisors are adjusting the way they approach and connect with this age group who were born after 1980.

What You Need to Know About Extended Care (Long Term Care)

Running time: 33:00
Description: The takeaways from this training are: How to identify key LTC prospects, Positioning strategies, Why focus on asset-based long term care, and the not-so-secret-weapon: the Pension Protection Act. Learn how to tap into this ripe market.

Funding Life Insurance with Annuities

Running time: 20:00
Description: Find out how both you and your client can reap rewards through the combination of an annuity sale with a life insurance sale. This strategy can provide more control over assets, reduce the tax burden for both owner and beneficiaries, and you gain two sales on the same piece of money.

Policy Reviews

Running time: 18:00
Description: How do you start a policy review? How do you process a policy review? What new products and new riders are available that might be attractive to your client during this process? Learn the ins and outs of effective policy reviews.


ExpressComplete: Complete an App in Less than 10 Minutes

Running time:  11:00
Description: With an additional $340 billion estimated in the coming year of new life insurance needs, the demand for term insurance will likely increase. ExpressComplete makes the application process easier and more effective with its online “drop ticket” process. Get step-by-step instructions on completing an app using this state-of-the-art online system.

Buy-Sell Agreements

Running time: 19:00
Description: The future success of a business can often depend on owners and key employees. Learn about the different types of buy-sell agreements, their benefits and how to assist your clients in the orderly transfer of ownership.  Now is the time to have this conversation with your small business owner clients.

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