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Structured Annuities

Overview of Structured Annuities

Structured annuities can provide your clients with opportunities to grow their money and offer a level of protection that may help eliminate some of the risk that comes with investing.

FAQs about Structured Annuities

  • A structured annuity offers exposure to equity markets, providing clients the growth potential they need to reach their financial goals.
  • For each indexed account selected, the performance of an underlying index will determine how much you can earn – either up to a cap or subject to a fee.
  • Each indexed account includes a level of protection that can help eliminate some of the risk associated with investing.

Structured annuities offer equity market exposure, giving clients the growth potential needed to help achieve goals. With more indexed allocation options than other annuities, they can be customized to meet your clients specific needs

Money can grow based on the crediting method of the indexed account selected. Clients are not invested directly in the market. Instead, the performance of the underlying indexes or Exchange Traded Fund will determine how much is earned (either up to a cap or subject to a fee).

Each indexed account includes a protection option – a buffer or a floor. If the index has a negative return,  losses will be reduced by a buffer or limited to a floor. While you can lose money, you will have a safeguard in place that may help lessen the impact of negative performance.

For clients seeking a balanced investment strategy to either build wealth, or manage risk and preserve wealth, contact us to determine if a structured product could be an appropriate fit.

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