Why is Life Insurance Different?

With auto insurance, if you get into an accident… premiums go up.
With home owner’s insurance, if your neighborhood crime increases… premiums go up.
With flood insurance, with very little notice/reason… premiums go up.

What about Life Insurance?

If structured appropriately, you can CONTROL your premiums by purchasing at a time when you’re a favorable risk to an insurance carrier… and the premiums stay the same!

Example: If you have a healthy 30 year old female needing $300k of coverage, the premium is only $1,029/yr for a permanent policy.

– Low premium that won’t change
– Cash value growth (based on historical returns, she can get all her premiums back after 20 years if she wants)
– $300,000 of death benefit for her family should something happen

This client CONTROLLED her insurance when she was young and healthy… Do you have any clients you’d like to present that to?

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