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Deck’s Blog: Creating certainty during uncertain times

History has not prepared us well as it relates to our pandemic health crisis. It is unprecedented to learn our best defense is to practice social distancing. That means, closing as many activities as humanly possible to keep all of us as healthy as possible.

However, history has prepared us well for the financial uncertainty that coincides with panic.  Black Monday, 9/11, the severe financial recession of ’08 and ’09 – all caused major economic setbacks. Each time it feels like it’s different this time – and it is. So, obviously it is natural to be nervous. Our federal government has always stepped in to stem the tide and eventually allow the U.S. economy to kick back in and pull us through.

Working with clients who can take advantage of insurance products provides the certainty during uncertain times. Life Insurance does exactly that, especially during a new virus with no immediate medical remedy. More coverage brings certainty to the medical and financial uncertainty. Annuities protect both savings and income needs like no other financial instrument. Now, that is certainty at the very best time.

We are fortunate to be part of the solution of providing certainty in uncertain times. We hope you agree and extend your efforts to clients when times require this conversation.

In conclusion, I also believe that Dan Sullivan, an outstanding experienced strategic coach in the insurance profession, makes a lot of sense in helping us keep our attitudes in the right perspective. Download Dan Sullivan’s white paper here: The “Scary Times” Success Manual

Good luck and keep swinging for the fences. It sure beats complaining about the pitch.




Deck McCormick